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AM News: Charter Association Critiques Online Schools

Online Charter Schools Need To Better Serve Students, Charter Groups Say ow.ly/sSZj301r1U6

Charter School Groups Call Out Virtual Schools | US News ow.ly/L5KY301r3vK

Virtual charter schools need “bold action” for change, says national charter school group - Hechinger Report ow.ly/WRKQ301r2Bv

Charter Sector Needs Infusion of New Ideas, Center for Education Reform Says - Education Week ow.ly/9KwI301r3gH

Experts warn of murky results from charter-driven NC schools - AP ow.ly/Nl0r301r1QC

Pro-charter school philanthropic group says it will give to traditional schools too, but not yet | 89.3 KPCC ow.ly/1pnA301r1Oj

State delays forcing LA Unified to spend more on high-needs students | EdSource ow.ly/Lm2M301r2dt

Why Preschool Suspensions Still Happen (And How To Stop Them) : NPR Ed : NPR ow.ly/d9hx301r13i

Report: Gates reforms brought mixed success, slow improvement to Hillsborough schools | Tampa Bay Times ow.ly/PYx8301pvYa

Site News: Gone Fishing. Back Monday

Afternoon Listen: Recent Philly HS Grad Was Youngest Orlando Victim

The youngest victim in Orlando, Akyra Monet Murray, had just graduated from high school in Philadelphia. NPR interviewed her family and friends about what happened to her that night. Warning -- explicit and heartbreaking.

Morning Video: Peer Tutoring Inside A Multilingual High School

"At Pennsylvania’s Upper Darby High School in suburban Philadelphia, more than 15 languages are spoken in a student body of nearly 4,000. To help support such a diverse array of English-language learners, the school created a peer tutoring program."

AM News: Homeless Students, Preschool Wages, School Food Battle

With Homeless Students on the Rise, Will New Education Law Help? | US News ow.ly/8w7k301hzfj

Low wages undermine efforts to improve the quality of preschools, federal report says | EdSource ow.ly/q1vw301hxQE

Political critics of Obama target new school meal rules :: SI&A Cabinet Report ow.ly/DbOf301hzji

Achievement Gap For Blacks, Latinos In San Diego Unified Narrows | KPBS ow.ly/jOop301hzh8

Study: Slight progress for CPS students' college graduation prospects - Chicago Tribune ow.ly/WSce301gJ3d
At education summit, calls for more revenue for schools | Catalyst Chicago ow.ly/dWdq301hz6P
Teacher-led innovation celebrated at summit in Minneapolis | MinnPost ow.ly/TsZb301hye7
Coalition says L.A. Unified underfunds neediest students - LA Timesow.ly/VUq5301hxmp
Lawmakers Have Deal on Ramapo Schools - WSJ pllqt.it/ncWywi
Fewer Hurdles to Graduation for Disabled Students in New York - The New York Times ow.ly/cAnX301hxtL

Afternoon Video: Watch EduHam Kids Perform

Still buzzing over the Sunday Tony awards show? Me, too. Check out the show performances if you missed any here, or click the link above and watch some of the NYC high school kids who've been attending the show and performing for Lin Manuel-Miranda as part of what Scholastic's Wayne D'Orio dubbed "Hamilton 101." It's pretty cool to watch them. The video is about a half-hour long.

Books: Teaching At A Manhattan Prep School While Black, Gay, & Southern

A long novel about mid-1970s New York City, this book features a key subplot about a Southern-born college graduate brought north to teach at an elite and nearly all-white private girls' school in Manhattan.

That doesn't make it an education book, and at nearly 1,000 pages it's not exactly a quick read, but if you're an educationista looking for an excuse to read about the birth of punk, the near-bankruptcy of NYC, and proto-terrorism, it's all you need :-)

What's on *your* summer reading list, and what's its slender connection to education?

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Morning Video: "I Care About Diversity, But..."

"I Care About Diversity, But...": Moving from Talk to Action from NewSchools Venture Fund on Vimeo.

Here's an hourlong panel from this year's recent NSVF Summit addressing the gap between the idea of diversity and making it happen. The topic seems especially timely given this last weekend's NYT Sunday Magazine article about how individual parent decisions cumulatively reinforce residential segregation and school assignment policies.

Want more? There's another panel What Will it Take to Integrate Our Schools? that also looks good. 



AM News: Tuesday Education News Roundup

Civil rights advocates slam Alexandria school system over discipline data - The Washington Post ow.ly/EtR3301f1nD

An Upper West Side district is looking at an integration plan for its middle schools - Chalkbeat chalkbeat.org/posts/ny/2016/…

Brazilian immigrant overcame classroom struggles to rise to top in charter school - The Boston Globe ow.ly/V0aq301dLb6

USC Hybrid High graduates its first class, w/ all 84 heading to college: LA School Report laschoolreport.com/usc-hybrid-hig…

Less test-iness over L.A. teacher evaluations - LA Times ow.ly/7vAG301f187

Why Obama's top education official is visiting N.J. | NJ.com ow.ly/2fJd301f2a8

Tests Find Elevated Lead Levels at 5 More Chicago Schools abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/t…

Denver's Escuela Tlatelolco founded as part of Chicana/o movement in 1970 is trying to go back to its roots goo.gl/0ajKv6

Update: NYT Highlights Role Of Individual Decisions In Promoting Segregation

image from blogs.edweek.orgOne of the biggest takeaways from the NYT Sunday Magazine article Choosing A School For My Daughter is how unusual it seems to be for parents with other choices to send their children to schools with lower test scores or higher rates of segregation -- and how relatively little attention has been paid in the media to the symbolic and practical effect of these cumulative individual decisions.

While she'd benefitted from a desegregation program as a child, and her husband had attended diverse DOD schools, Hannah-Jones had mixed feelings about the experience and believed deeply that the affluent kids and families she went to school with weren't any better than the poor and working-class. And so "the idea of placing our daughter in one of the small number of integrated schools troubled me. These schools are disproportionately white and serve the middle and upper middle classes, with a smattering of poor black and Latino students to create “'diversity.'”

Hannah-Jones dubs this practice"curated integration," which is more helpful to white and more affluent parents but does little to help poor communities of color. She doesn't want to buy into the two-tiered system that results: "I also believed that it is the choices of individual parents that uphold the system, and I was determined not to do what I’d seen so many others do when their values about integration collided with the reality of where to send their own children to school."

The point Hannah-Jones makes is obvious: Individual choices, not just systemic policies, contribute to segregated schools.

She's not the first to make it. Last year, somewhat hypocritically, President Obama lamented: "Kids start going to private schools... And that, in part, contributes to the fact that there’s less opportunity for our kids, all of our kids."

Some folks criticized education leaders who sent their children to private schools, or moved to exclusive areas, or found magnet or gifted programs. Reform critic Matt Damon let it slip in 2013 that he wasn't sending his kids to a LAUSD school.

However, few of the big names in education are doing or have done this. Not Diane Ravitch, Michelle Rhee, Barack Obama... Not NJ Governor Chris Christie. Not Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The list goes on and on.

Indeed, the conventional explanation has been that parents -- be they political figures, education leaders, or everyday citizens -- were justified to make a choice that's best for their kids, separate from what might be best for the community.

"I was told by more than one person that I had to do what was best for my son and the amount of hassle/BS/politics I would run into would make it not worth it," says Kate Phillippo, who I know from Chicago.

With her story, Hannah-Jones tears into the justification that so many education leaders and others have made, exposing the moral quandary that is just under the surface.

There are a few folks who've made choices similar to Hannah-Jones', however -- which either shows that this is a possible area of growth for more parents to choice, or illustrates how rare and unpopular a decision it is.

Chicago's Marilyn Rhames, a veteran teacher, writes "I made the same decision that with Hannah-Jones made, except that my approach was to try to enroll my kids at the schools where I taught to hold myself accountable for teaching every kid like s/he was my own and to expect the same from my colleagues."

This has included a mix of low-income, mostly African-American neighborhood schools, charter schools, and a brief stint at a Catholic school. "I wish more education reformers and unionized educators alike would start putting their money (or, in this case, biological children) where their ideological mouth is," writes Rhames, who wrote about the issue in a February column How to Keep Ourselves Honest in School Politics. "I often wonder how effective any of us can really be if we spend our professional careers fighting against systemic injustice, but we navigate our personal lives in such a way that we remain completely untouched by it.... Our jockeying for educational advantages for our own children can be both righteous and reckless, creating a complicated, entangled web of conflicts of interest and strange bedfellows.

San Francisco's Caroline Grannan says "we chose a more diverse, lower-scoring middle school as opposed to the almost-entirely Asian-and-white. higher-scoring options." At the time, 2002, it had high black and Latino populations, according to Grannan. "We wanted the greater diversity. Others at our kids' K-5 school scorned the middle school as a "dirty," "dangerous" "ghetto" school (though it's not in a "ghetto" that was the rep)."

Minneapolis's Beth Hawkins reports that she sends one son to "a school that's 93 percent students of color and American Indian and 92 percent free and reduced-price lunch. It's not high scoring, but the second highest-growth middle school in the city." Another son goes to a much higher-scoring and more affluent school. "Different choices for different kids."

Other education luminaries whom I'm told have sent their children to low-scoring neighborhood schools -- but haven't been able to confirm -- include Chris Edley, Gary Orfield. "He did this long, long ago on Capitol Hill, many decades before it gentrified."

The motivation behind choosing a segregated school is an issue, as much as making the choice in the first place.On Facebook, Heather Harding writes "I'm a little skeptical of this sacrificial perspective that integration is some cause for individuals to take on. If we think integrated educational settings are beneficial we should just cultivate them. I respect the NYT lady's crusade but... ?"

Also on Facebook, longtime civil rights activist Dianne Piche writes that she made a similar decision with her children, now in their 20s - but not out of any sort of sacrifice: "Over 25 years ago, my husband and I bought a home in a racially, culturally and economically diverse community that also had well-resourced public schools and excellent recreation facilities. We raised 3 sons who attended schools that were majority non-white and where families came from 40 different countries. Their schools had higher enrollments of students eligible for free/reduced lunch and English learners. And, yes, average test scores were lower than less diverse schools elsewhere in the Washington suburbs. At no time and in no way, however, did we feel we were "sacrificing" them on an alter of principle. That is a ridiculous idea."

For journalists interested in covering school segregation, this NYT story suggests that individual choices made by parents and elected officials can be an effective way to address a story that can otherwise seem overwhelming or complex -- and that the long tradition of giving parents and leaders a "pass" on where they send their own children may be unraveling.

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Cross-posted at The Grade. 

People: State Schools Chief Asks Student "Are You Legal?"

I really wanted to believe that this wasn't true, but it's being reported by a number of outlets.

Update: How They're Teaching "Hamilton"

image from blogs.scholastic.com
You know about the Broadway hit, and maybe even know that high school kids are seeing the show and performing for the cast. But what's the backstory, and how's the curriculum put together?

Check out Scholastic Administrator editor Wayne D'Orio's new piece about how Hamilton teamed with two nonprofits to immerse high school students in American history'—and challenge them to create their own performances. 

"Thirteen teams of 11th graders from around New York City are waiting anxiously in the wings to perform their own two-minute pieces on events or people from the birth of our country. “Welcome to the best day of the year for us here at the Richard Rodgers: EduHam,” says an enthusiastic Miranda as he looks out on a theater packed entirely with high school students. After the student performances, the high schoolers will see Hamilton, culminating their immersion in the life and times of the “10-dollar founding father without a father.”


Morning Listen: White Teachers, Black And Brown Students


KPCC LA's "Take Two" talk show features a segment with Sarah Carr and Vanessa Romo titled Minority students are the new majority in America's public schools in which the two reporters talk about the recent Slate series addressing demographic changes. 

Over at The Grade, I described the 12-story series as a strong one, and Romo's piece about training white teachers to work better with students of color is one of the most appealing segments. 

Or, listen to Nikole Hannah-Jones talk to Brian Lehrer or WNYC about her decision to send her daughter to preschool and kindergarten in a low-scoring segregated Brooklyn school

AM News: Duncan @Brookings, Teachers & Tech, Disparate Suspensions

Arne Duncan, President Obama's former Education Secretary, joins Brookings - @ThinkTankWatch http://ow.ly/zkve301aSmc

Half of teachers comfortable with tech, but most use it for testing | Education Dive ow.ly/NOaR301aSgC

Department Of Education Report Shows Racial Disparity In Student Suspensions : NPR ow.ly/l3ZK301ckQ3

As The Number Of Homeless Students Soars, How Schools Can Serve Them Better : NPR Ed : NPR ow.ly/5WFO301ckMY

Schools in Wichita learn to adapt to the needs of their refugee students | Public Radio International  ow.ly/If4V301cldS

New Pittsburgh superintendent faces more questions on resume hosted.ap.org/dynamic/storie…

Feds sue over NYC principal who they say targeted black teachers - The Washington Post ow.ly/1KDo301ckJX

ICYMI: There was a fire drill shooting in Boston last week | VICE | United States pllqt.it/6P97WO

AM News: Duncan @Brookings, Teachers & Tech, Disparate Suspensions

Arne Duncan, President Obama's former Education Secretary, joins Brookings - @ThinkTankWatch http://ow.ly/zkve301aSmc

Half of teachers comfortable with tech, but most use it for testing | Education Dive ow.ly/NOaR301aSgC

Department Of Education Report Shows Racial Disparity In Student Suspensions : NPR ow.ly/l3ZK301ckQ3

As The Number Of Homeless Students Soars, How Schools Can Serve Them Better : NPR Ed : NPR ow.ly/5WFO301ckMY

Schools in Wichita learn to adapt to the needs of their refugee students | Public Radio International  ow.ly/If4V301cldS

New Pittsburgh superintendent faces more questions on resume hosted.ap.org/dynamic/storie…

Feds sue over NYC principal who they say targeted black teachers - The Washington Post ow.ly/1KDo301ckJX

ICYMIL There was a fire drill shooting in Boston last week | VICE | United States pllqt.it/6P97WO

Charts: EdTech Investing Cooling Off In 2016, Says New Report

Ed-Tech Market in Flux as Investors Grow More Selective - Education Week http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2016/06/08/ed-tech-market-in-flux-as-investors-grow.html?cmp=SOC-SHR-TW … via @educationweek https://twitter.com/EdWeekSCavanagh

Maps: Detroit & DC Have High Chronic Absence Rates, Says USDE

image from download.gannett.edgesuite.net

"Overall, the national average of chronic absenteeism was 13 percent, or about 6.5 million students, the Education Department said....Detroit Public Schools has the highest rate of chronic absenteeism among the nation’s largest 100 school districts." via AP

Morning Video: Baltimore Teens Push Towards Graduation

AM News: Detroit Leads Major Districts In Chronic Absences, Malia Graduates

Detroit leads major districts in absences - AP pllqt.it/HoRdtb

NYC Schools Punished Teenagers for Being Victims of Sexual Assault, Complaints Say - NYT ow.ly/YwJp3016gjJ

Michigan legislature approves $617 million bailout package for Detroit schools - The Washington Postow.ly/xqN23017NYU

When the Doors to A Dual Language School Don't Feel Open to Everyone - WNYC ow.ly/QqmQ3017Qkd

Common, Yo-Yo Ma, Arne Duncan promote 'reimagining high school' | Chicago Sun-Times ow.ly/O2En3017QIh

Not doing it: Fewer high school kids are having sex -StarTribune.com ow.ly/P8a13016sou

Emergency meeting set as incoming Pittsburgh schools superintendent's future uncertain | TribLIVE ow.ly/rXI53017L33

Charter Schools Join Call For Education Funding As Dance Party Breaks Out via @DNAinfoCHI dnain.fo/25OiiIW

Malia Obama to graduate from high school Friday |NOLA.com ow.ly/SkY13017ODX

Malia Obama graduates from high school this week | PBS NewsHour ow.ly/6mqm3017QKh

Former EdSec Arne Duncan Joins Board Of Pluralsight | Fast Company | Business + Innovation pllqt.it/QiMQgN

#EDgif Of The Day: Metal Detectors & Hapless Teachers (On TV)

"I guess the worst part is watching the teachers wonder every day how their lives went so wrong." #CasualOnHulu #edgifs

Maps: Last Decade Shows 44 Percent Growth In Gap Between Rich & Poor Schools

"Change in the funding gap between 2001-02 and 2011-12. Red and orange states are where the gap widened to the benefit of students in rich districts."

Courtesy Jill Barshay at The Hechinger Report. Read the whole story and see all the charts here.


Quotes: It Takes More Than Demographics To Integrate A School


Quotes2When you have people coming from all different neighborhoods to come to school together, they have no reason or way to get to know each other unless you sort of rip the top off the school and say the school is going to be the community.

- Community Roots Charter School Co-Founder Allison Keil in WNYC (How One Brooklyn Charter School Integrates With Intention)

Morning Video: When Middle-Class Parents Send Their Kids To Segregated Schools

This WNYC video short shows NYT writer Nikole Hannah-Jones and her husband taking their daughter to a segregated school in Brooklyn. Read the accompanying article by WNYC's Rebecca Carroll here, or the NYT piece about the decision and the controversy over rezoning the segregated school to give wealthier white kids access to the building.

AM News: Washington State Disputes Federal Absenteeism Data (Plus Detroit, Kansas, NYC)

WA has 2nd highest rate of student absenteeism in U.S., Feds say | The Seattle Times ow.ly/4Pun3015b3h 

Education reform-backed candidates sweep California primary elections - LA School Report ow.ly/1Rrj3015aTg

Latest: Snyder Says $617M Detroit Schools Bailout a 'Fresh Start' - ABC News ow.ly/WBb73015ak0

Kansas Governor Backs $38M Schools Fix for Special Session - ABC News ow.ly/N4453015anA

Annual summer meals program closes hunger gap for students | Education Dive ow.ly/eFpb3015bv6

Maryland Testing Commission not expected to make major cuts to hours of testing - Baltimore Sun ow.ly/wHCC3015boi

Calif. Charter Network Can't Block Union Organizers, Emails, Judge Rules - Teacher Beat - Education Week ow.ly/1ZgJ3015bfu

See also: Mixed ruling on claims Alliance charter school leaders obstructed teachers union organizing | 89.3 KPCC ow.ly/Aqm43015aYU

Vermont Consolidation Effort Profiled by PBS NewsHour Fails - State EdWatch - ow.ly/ZJOq3015ae1

Digital Age Tests Security of SAT Exams - The Takeaway - WNYC ow.ly/eEWz3015aA6

New York City to Help Blacks and Hispanics Attend Elite High Schools - The New York Times ow.ly/xevw3015a2L

See also: City to Recruit More Blacks, Latinos for Specialized High Schools - WNYC ow.ly/v7dD3015auE


Charts: Working Hours, Purchasing Power, & PISA Scores

This recent chart from the Economist magazine uses OECD and IMF numbers to try and track the relationship between hours of work, purchasing power, and student achievement. American teachers are shown to work 45 hours a week and make $60,000. Its PISA scores are in the middle. Are these figures correct?

#EDgif Of The Day: Projected School-Level Changes Under "Controlled Choice" In NYC

Here's a GIF showing how each school in NYC's District 1 would be affected by a controlled choice school integration initiative, based on a model presented by WNYC in its school integration series.

As you can see in the top row, schools that currently have almost 100 percent poor kids would see an influx of nonpoor kids. The bottom row shows how schools with relatively high percentages of nonpoor kids would gain poor classmates under a model plan.

The plan would phase in over time, and only new students (kindergartners, mostly) would be affected. But obviously these would be big changes for schools and families. Some families won't have choices. But we all know what happens when more affluent families don't get what they want. 

Later Today: Black Lives Matter & #EducationDisparities

image from ci4.googleusercontent.com

There's been a lot of frankly ridiculous and misguided discussion about Black Lives Matter and education -- most of it done without anyone from BLM participating. I've been disheartened but generally tried to stay away other than to point out (a) that in many ways BLM leapfrogged the stalemated education debate a while ago, (b) reformers and reform critics are both trying madly to ally themselves with the movement, and (c) BLM activists don't seem particularly interested in school integration as a top education priority (compared to others).

This afternoon that all changes this afternoon at 2 Eastern with a Brookings Institution event about race and education in the US that will feature several interesting panelists including BLM activist Deray McKesson and NCLR's Peggy McLeod. Sign up to watch it, or go to hashtag #EducationDisparities.

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Update: Diverse Charter School Mixes Families Outside Of School

image from media2.wnyc.org
Some folks worry that charter schools can mirror or even exacerbate school segregation that is so troubling and systemic in American education. However, in at least some cases charter schools do the opposite: mixing kids together in ways that are much more representative of the community than the existing district schools. 

Longtime readers may recall a 2013 feature story I wrote about diverse charter schools around the nation, including Brooklyn's Community Roots. Several others have written about the school and others like it since then. At the time, the school was struggling with an influx of white, affluent families and with how to get families to mix outside of school hours. 

As part of a series called Integration 2.0, WNYC returns to Community Roots in this segment (How One Brooklyn Charter School Integrates With Intention), focusing on efforts to get mixed-SES groups of kids and parents to play together before dropoff and after pickup (and during the summers): 

"Co-founder and principal Alison Keil said getting a diverse mix of kids in the door wasn't enough. 'When you have people coming from all different neighborhoods to come to school together, they have no reason or way to get to know each other unless you sort of rip the top off the school and say the school is going to be the community,' she said. This is why Community Roots stays open late for regular get-togethers like family sports or arts nights, cooking classes for parents, teacher-arranged "play dates" for kids who don't know each other well." 

Image courtesy WNYC. 

Morning Video: How Louisville HS Is Addressing Transgender Students


"Special correspondent Yasmeen Qureshi of Education Week has the story. It’s part of our weekly education series, Making the Grade."

AM News: Chronic Absences, Steady PARCC, Funding Fights Galore

State-by-state look at chronic absenteeism across America hosted.ap.org/dynamic/storie…

New data shows 6.5 million U.S. students chronically absent cabinetreport.com/human-resource…

After Turbulent Waters, PARCC Steadies Itself – InsideSources ow.ly/CpbS3012I3L

Kansas, Illinois, & Other Funding Fights Vex School Districts - WSJ ow.ly/MXo03012J4N

Where Calculus Class Isn't an Option realcleareducation.com/2016/06/07/whe…

Claypool Blames Springfield For Principal Exodus - WBEZ wbez.org/shows/wbez-new…

Bay Area school funding measures looking like big election winner sfgate.com/education/arti…

How One Brooklyn Charter School Integrates With Intention wnyc.org/story/how-one-…

Mixed ruling on claims Alliance charter school leaders obstructed teachers union organizing scpr.org/news/2016/06/0…

Charts: Click To Watch School Demographics Change

School Life: AL Teacher Disciplined For Handing Out "Most Racist Math Test" Ever

#EDgif Of The Day: Meet The Fresno Student Who Won't Take Off His Trump Hat

Read more about the story here.

Morning Listen: Hillary Clinton's 1969 Student Speech at Wellesley

She was the first student to speak at a Wellesley, according to this Atlantic story: New Audio of Hillary Clinton's 1969 Student Speech at Wellesley. The speech was covered on the front page of the Boston Globe. 

AM News: California Primary Fights, Civil Rights Report, Common Core Wrapup

Police shootings, affordable housing and billions in school bonds on local ballots this week - LA Times ow.ly/aYYz3010eVO

Rift in Democratic Party over education policy spotlighted in record outside spending - KPCC ow.ly/hDFa300Z8wZ

Record Spending Ahead of CA Primary, as Education Policy Divides State's Democrats | The 74 pllqt.it/MpBscc

Black students nearly 4x as likely to be suspended - USA Today ow.ly/T9KB3010gQf

The Civil Rights Problem In U.S. Schools: 10 New Numbers | WAMU 88.5 - American University Radio ow.ly/ewNL3010frb

Five eye-opening figures from the U.S. Education Department’s latest civil rights data dump - The Washington Post ow.ly/ljhc3010eYa

Report: Fewer School Suspensions, Lots of Absences - ABC News ow.ly/Mo4p3010fbD

Remember when teacher evaluations were the subject of controversy in LA Unified? Not anymore | 89.3 KPCC ow.ly/i3LU3010f6G

Black preschoolers still get suspended much more frequently than white ones - LA Times pllqt.it/kLEJqB

White Students Get Experienced Teachers, While Black Students Get Police In School - Huffington Post ow.ly/x64l3010dXP

The Civil Rights Problem In U.S. Schools: 10 New Numbers : NPR Ed : NPR pllqt.it/QElPJx

What New Yorkers Recall About School Integration Efforts of Earlier Era - WNYC ow.ly/xsi13010fmJ

Bailing On Common Core Tests Is Costing States Millions | The Daily Caller ow.ly/7MnC3010gOG

Nevada Completes Common Core Computer Testing after Meltdown Last Year -- THE Journal ow.ly/RoYg3010gJT

How one innovative school district has closed gaps on harder Common Core tests - The Hechinger Report ow.ly/6kKa3010eSz

This is the most racist math test you'll ever see - Vox bit.ly/1UmawdU

Angered by Stanford assault, SF school leader reveals own rape - SFGate ow.ly/PwD03010fPE

Teachers: Forced Haircuts In Mexico [Is This For Real?]

AJ+ and El Pais in English are reporting that some teachers who declined to participate in a strike were forced by members of the teachers union to walk barefoot, wear signs, and have their heads shaved (or, more accurately, cut). But apparently the union is now denying it was them, or at least that it was not authorized. 

School Life: Banksy's School Mural Project

Schoolkids suggest naming a building after Banksy, and the mysterious artist reacted with a bit of controversial artwork. See more including video of kids' reactions here.

Site News: Best Education Journalism Of The Week


A close-up from the cover of last week's New Yorker.

In case you missed it, here's my roundup of last week's best education journalism. It comes out every Friday over at THE GRADE, where I write about education coverage. You can also get it via email by sending me an email at alexanderusso@gmail with "subscribe" in the headline. 


USNews: US News: $2.6 Billion In Federal Poverty Funding Going To Wealthier Districts bit.ly/282Q3Vn

LA Times: Record spending by oil companies, education advocates, business groups & labor unions ow.ly/FGQh300ISyS

NYT: Kansas Parents Worry Schools Are Slipping Amid Budget Battles ow.ly/J0MD300Nzaw

NPR: One Student Tries To Help Others Escape A 'Corridor Of Shame' pllqt.it/NkB6Fx

EdWeek: U.S. Graduation Rate Breaks Another Record ow.ly/HLGP300SQQP

NPR: Practice Makes Possible: What We Learn By Studying Amazing Kids ow.ly/kC8O300QchD

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Low scores on Ohio's high school math tests spark debate over graduation requirements http://ow.ly/9CNu300U4bo

Washington Post: Report on racial disparities in gifted and magnet programs gets strong reaction ow.ly/sM5l300Qc0c



Twitter Moments: Teachers Letting Kids Out Of Finals For Retweets/Likes bit.ly/1XkS4JA

Morning Video: Muhammed Ali In The Classroom

Muhammad Ali Surprising Little Kids is the... by DailyPolitics

Quotes: AFT's Weingarten Defends Clinton's Charter Schools Position

Quotes2You can be pro-charter and still be critical of things that charters ought not to be doing... [Clinton] squarely came down in favor of what the vision of charters were when this started, not flooding the zone with new schools that then destroyed public education. 

AFT head Randi Weingarten in the NYT (Union President, Randi Weingarten, Defends Hillary Clinton on Charter Schools)

AM News: Clinton's Early Education Plan Rolls Out (Minus Cost Information)

With costs unclear, Clinton lays out ambitious plans for early education | EdSource ow.ly/Rygi300XpXd

Union President, Randi Weingarten, Defends Hillary Clinton on Charter Schools - The New York Times ow.ly/pSf3300Xq33

State says L.A. Unified spends improperly, must redirect hundreds of millions of dollars - LA Times ow.ly/lcfD300XoVj

Without New State Aid, Chicago Won't Open This Fall, CEO Says - State EdWatch - Education Week ow.ly/kAjA300XpLy

Lots of black students, few special ed students at Washington's first charter schools | KUOW News and Information ow.ly/e1rF300XpV3

How Downtown Manhattan Wants to Create More Integrated Schools - WNYCow.ly/yVzf300XpSO

#EDgif Of The Day: Cold Game At The National Spelling Bee

We like to think of the spelling bee as a lovely example of students memorizing crazy words and smiling, but as this Vine from last week "Cold Game At The Spelling Bee" shows, sometimes the real world's not such a fairy tale. #edgifs

Livestream: #EquityMatters Gathers Academics & Education Journalists

Watch above, check out the details here. #equitymatters


AM News: Grad Rate Record, Chicago Brinksmanship, Student-Teacher Relationship Rankings

U.S. Graduation Rate Breaks Another Record - Education Week ow.ly/HLGP300SQQP

TX leads nation in teacher-student sexual assaults/relationships | khou.compllqt.it/EZGI3V

Chicago Teachers Union blames state school spending impasse on lack of leadership - Chicago Tribune ow.ly/Wc9W300SQ0A

CTU prez suggests teachers could forgo some raises in contract | Chicago Sun-Times ow.ly/i8eZ100aCFS


Mississippi Bans Public Contributions to Superintendents' Association - State EdWatch - Education Week ow.ly/l3g8300SPU5

17 people, including officer, exposed to pepper spray during brawl at L.A. high school - LA Times ow.ly/16rL300SPsu

Question on Utah biology test about aborting fetus prompts policy change | fox13now.comow.ly/67WI300SRBe

Principal Hired to Revive Struggling Boys and Girls High School May Leave - The New York Times ow.ly/P3ju300SPAl

When you’re 21 and this is your second campus shooting

Events: Equity Matters Symposium In NYC Friday

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 2.33.34 PM

There's a big Equity Matters Symposium being held tomorrow at the Ford Foundation offices in NYC, and while invitations are limited to journalists you can apparently watch via livestream here

Some of the speakers include Gloria Ladson-Billings, Sean Reardon, and Richard Rothstein. 

Some of the Equity Project journalists who will talk about their projects include Alejandra Lagos, Zaidee Stavely, Kristina Rizga, and Patrick Wall. Cara Fitzpatrick, will also be there. Spencer Fellowship head LynNell Hancock, Nikole Hannah-Jones, and Keith Woods are also scheduled to attend.

You can find the full list of Speakers and the Schedule of events by clicking the links.

What's it all about? According to the promo materials, the Equity Matters event "will bring together the nation’s top experts and education journalists in examining the root causes and impact of our nation’s ever-widening “opportunity gap.”

Funded by the Ford Foundation (with whom I've discussed supporting THE GRADE), the Equity Project is part of a broader SF-based initiative called Renaissance Journalism, which sponsors "national initiatives that support journalists and their news organizations to produce ambitious, in-depth and compelling stories that reveal and illuminate social injustice and inequity."
In addition to Rizga and Wall, some of the Fellows who've had work sponsored by the Equity Project over the past two years include Charla Bear (KQED), Marquita Brown (News & Record in Greensboro, North Carolina), Kavitha Cardoza (WAMU), Dan Carsen (WBHM), Matt Collette (WNYC, formerly of The Teacher Project), Elisa Crouch (St. Louis Post-Dispatch), Emily DeRuy (The Atlantic), Beth Hawkins (Education Post, formerly MinnPost), Laura Isensee (Houston Public Media), Alejandra Lagos (Univision), Celia Llopis-Jepsen (Topeka Capital-Journal), Rob Manning (Oregon Public Broadcasting), and Claudio Sanchez (NPR).

Some examples of work funded in part by the Renaissance Journalism project include the Detroit Journalism Collaborative's seven-part series on race and poverty. Click here for the full list.

This isn't the first such gathering. There was an event in San Francisco not too long ago featuring Rizga, Pirette McKamey and Robert Roth.

These aren't the only fellowships for education journalists. Others include the Spencer Education Journalism Fellowship (which I received in 2009), new EWA Fellowships, the Teacher Project fellowships (whose work appears in Slate).

Quotes: Re-balancing The Foundation-Education Relationship

Quotes2Philanthropists are not generally education experts, and even if they hire scholars and experts, public officials shouldn’t be allowing them to set the policy agenda for the nation’s public schools. The Gates experience teaches once again that educational silver bullets are in short supply and that some educational trends live only a little longer than mayflies.

- LA Times editorial page (Gates Foundation failures show philanthropists shouldn’t be setting America's public school agenda)

School Life: Teachers Letting Kids Out Of Finals For Retweets/Likes

Morning Video: Houston-Area Teacher Sex Scandal

Yikes. Super gross. via MediaLite. You might be better off watching something else. Anything else. 


AM News: School Finance Rulings, UCLA Shooting, Racial Disparities

Since 1950, judges in 23 states have ruled school finance formulas unconstitutional @Daarel edweek.org/ew/articles/20…

Anxious parents watch and worry over UCLA shooting - LA Times pllqt.it/MBYfEk

Report on racial disparities in gifted and magnet programs gets strong reaction - The Washington Post ow.ly/sM5l300Qc0c

Kansas Faces New Budget Woes Amid School Funding Fight - ABC News ow.ly/SawE300Qcoa

Portland Parents Grill Superintendent Smith Over Lead Lapses At Portland Schools | KUOW News and Information ow.ly/AKC0300QcwM

NYC invites more schools to try diversity initiatives: wny.cc/Mme3300O8Ow via @SchoolBook

Chicago School Funding Fight Focuses On Class Sizes | WBEZ ow.ly/msQ6300QcPS

Some FL Schools Want to Flunk Kids Who Opt Out of Standardized Tests | TakePart ow.ly/AfH5300Qdqa

State officials find LA Unified shortchanged students | EdSource ow.ly/7HZL300QcAI

The Education Practice That Is Costing Taxpayers Billions Of Dollars ow.ly/g64T300Qdww "School suspensions = $$$$$."

#EDgif Of The Day: "Hey, they're trying to learn for free. Stop them!"

This clip from a Simpsons episode features a field trip gone awry, all due to budget cuts.

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